In Nederlands: Georgische smaken in modern Kiev

As any other major capital cites, Kiev has to offer a lot qua dining out and nightlife attractions. As popular as elsewhere French, Italian or Japanese restaurants are here well to find and the quality is outstanding. But next to it all the popular choices, Kiev restaurateurs and chefs look into the kitchens of its neighbours.

We have asked our friends to take us to one of the popular places where Kiev’s folk like to dine out. They have proposed a Georgian restaurant with apparently the most amazing fresh home cooked food and wine to die for. Our expectation was the restaurant would be folky and a bit rustic.

We were invited to restaurant Shoti, which is located in the upcoming trendy district of “Lipki”. The restaurant is divided into 2 floors with a gallery opening in the middle. The interior is rather minimalistic, very modern but with a large fireplace on the ground floor. Our attention directly went to a traditionally built clay oven where typical Georgian bread is baked named Puri.


Puri bread
Photo of clay oven and Puri


We hebben onze vrienden gevraagd ons mee te nemen naar een populair restaurant waar de Kiev chique graag naar toe gaat. Ze hebben voorgesteld ons mee te nemen naar een Georgisch restaurant met het meest geweldige vers gemaakte eten met originele recepten en wijnen om van te dromen. Onze verwachting was in eerste instantie dat het restaurant folky zou zijn maar niets was minder waar.

Met de taxi werden we naar Shoti vervoerd. Het restaurant ligt gelegen in het trendy en upcoming Lipki district. Het restaurant is verdeeld over twee verdiepingen met een grote gallerij opening in het midden zodat er een geweldig ruimtelijk gevoel ontstaat. Het interieur is modern en minimalistisch met een enorme oven op de begane grond. Onze aandacht ging direct naar de modern ontworpen klei-oven waar traditioneel Georgisch brood wordt bereid: Puri.


Puri bread clay oven
Photo: Puri bread clay oven

Our host has told us that the on the walls famous poems are written in Georgian language. The poem “The knight in Panther’s sink” has 6500 lines and has easily covered all the walls in the reastaurant.


In the restaurant
Photo Cees restaurant

Het eten was tradioneel bereid volgens originele en recepten, was verse en eenvoudigweg geweldig. Het was de eerste keer dat we Khachapuri hebben geprobeerd, een warm brood met vers gesmolten kaas. (feta achtig), kruiden en vlak voor het eten door de ober voorgemixt met een Yolk.


khachapuri and selection of meat
Photo: Khachapuri & Photo: Selection of meat


The food was traditional made according to the traditional recipes, fresh and just simply delicious. It is the first time we had tried Khachapuri, a warm bread will with a fresh brined cheese (feta like), herbs and finally just before consumption mixed with a yolk.

Next we have tried Khinkali, Georgian dumplings (large ones) filled with minced lamb with a strong taste of cumin and bullion. We have as well learned how to eat these without loosing all the bullion.

The Shoti restaurant offers various freshly made dips, a selection of meat and fish. It is truly recommended to visit the restaurant hungry as portions are large and menu is long :-)

If you order all
Photo: If you order all...

SHOTI. The Georgian restaurant
Kyiv, 9 Mechnikova st.
+380 44 33 99 399
open: 12 p.m. - 11 p.m.