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“Every business lady knows how difficult is to buy the perfect office dress - the dress, which not only adheres to the dress code but also highlights the individuality of its owner”

Letter K – is a new Ukrainian producer of office dresses. Our goal is to create exquisite products that will make your everyday office life brighter and fill it with beauty. We know that business can be feminine! And we want to help you always feel beautiful - when you supervise difficult projects, present business plans and take part in challenging negotiations. All dresses are made in Kiev. We put all our love and skills into their creation.

This the “about us” section of the Letter K dresses brand. A succesful start up the designer world. What is the story behind the success? We were curious and explored the success of Letter K which is a high potential growth designer company.

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The owner worked in an auditing company before and then led the department at a large bank. She had a very interesting job but at some point wanted to focus more on herold hobby - design dresses. So the idea was there to create Letter K.

“I decided to concentrate on business dresses, because I found that a business woman should look very much spectacular and at the same time professional. From my own experience she knew how difficult it is in Kiev to find a dress that is suitable for business meetings, will be high quality and emphasize the individuality of women. This inspired me to create my brand of clothes. Just know that I would be happy to put in the office each of their dresses.”

“I have studied at the Economic University in Odessa and began to work in a bank. So I really wanted to explore the use of mathematical methods in the economy and build a career in the bank. I first enrolled in the master's program at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (now the Kyiv School of Economics), Now there is another dream.

“My start-up capital was small. About 5 thousand only. Dollars. Partially - own funds. Partially used the program Employment Fund: Protect business plan and received a small amount on the basis of their business”

“The most difficult in the early days was to get away from the idea that it is a gamble, and believe that everything will turn out. From the beginning, I decided to specialize in the office dresses. I would like to make a business more feminine. We already have a permanent client, for which we have become the number one choice when buying business clothes.”

All dresses are sewed in Kiev, preferring natural fabrics that are pleasing to the body, making the product more elegant. Now generally we use Italian production fabric, Germany and Turkey. At the same time, we would very much like to find a high-quality fabrics producers in the Ukraine and is now engaged in their search. Looking forward to this cooperation!

I think that the business in Ukraine, in principle, difficult to organize, if I pay attention to the possible difficulties. But I am more inclined to look at everything so the problem can be solved. Here my experience in large companies comes in. For me this is an interesting point, and I am happy to perceive it now. In addition, I embody my dream, and this is a very strong motivation to act.

The clients of the Letter K know, first of all, thanks to the "word of mouth". Among the first clients were mostly my former colleagues. We also publish all our news on a page on Facebook. We recommend all subscribe to it, since it is the easiest and fastest way to find out about our new products.

My client - a girl and a woman who has successfully built his career, while not forgetting about her femininity and beauty. Age is very different, as there are no restrictions in the career achievements, and in the desire to see themselves elegant business woman.


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About myself

Personal motto: "The path of a thousand miles begins with the first step." The first steps are always the best in the whole complex. It is this Chinese wisdom helps me to to decide.

Once stopped working on schedule, I realized that the work itself requires much more self-discipline. Early wake up. I always try to catch the sunrise. In winter, it is much easier :) Morning Yoga or jogging. This is the time when you can store energy for the whole day.

All our office dresses are made in limited quantities. So you can be sure it is unique and reflects your style and image. We carefully select fabrics and prefer natural materials (wool, silk, cotton, linen). It gives an elegant appearance to a dress and a pleasure to wear it in any weather.

We use only high-quality fabrics and strictly control the production process.

Our dresses are various in styles, fabrics and colours and allow you to choose a model for every taste. We will be happy to help you with advice to pick a dress of your dream.

We are confident in the quality of Letter K dresses because the Client always comes back for the next dress.

Contact Information:

“Letter K”
+38(050) 737-98-93

Show room: 4a Klovsky descent, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38(050) 737-98-94

(Tue-Fri: 16.00 – 20.00, Sat: 12.00 – 18.00)