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In Nederlands: Booming IT business in Oekraine

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In this interview I talk to Artem. He explains why the association agreement good for the IT business in Ukraine and the Netherlands. The beauty is that he even works for a Dutch IT company. He is programming directly for Dutch companies whose products the Dutch are using are used in every houdehold. And his company is not the only company that settles here because IT.

Why Ukraine? We talk to each other about this. KLM flies three times day back and forth to Kiev. So in case of an issue you fly as an entrepreneur to the source easily. There is only one hour time difference. The culture, habits and ways of thinking is much closer to the Netherlands than in for example India. In Ukraine there are many highly educated young people who are ambitious to begin in the ICT. Every year 28,000 graduates with IT or mathematical background of the university. There really is a lot of potential.


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Foreign IT companies are excited about the level of its employees. In India, around 25% employees are performing very well. In Ukraine is 70-80% and they are also affordable.

In all major cities have hundreds of foreign enterprises established engaged in IT outsourcing, software development, e-commerce and web solutions, databases and solutions for processing data.

The former Soviet country is booming in the IT field. The annual growth in the IT industry is a whopping 66 percent. Meanwhile, the ICT industry is a billion dollar business. Most companies working for the European and North American market. The owners are American, Dutch, British or French.

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The industry is developing very fast. Now there are plenty of good programmers, but as in the Netherlands the market is getting tighter. In Kiev the best are hired by the highest bidder. According to the Ukrainian organization of software developers, a senior developer in Kiev capture approximately 4000 Euros, a normal salary in the country is around 400 euros.

Dutch companies are really excited about their Ukrainian colleagues. If you compare this with Dutch programmers, the level is very high. The Ukrainian programmers have more knowledge that is clear.

Cultural differences are less. If you're talking with an Indian programmer will really say no. This is done differently in Ukraine, where the people are to the point and direct which in the end is okay. They themselves come up with solutions. In India, often literally, one does what is asked.


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Ukraine has a formidable IT history

Ukraine has a great history when it comes to computer technology. The third computer (MESM) was built in 1951 in the world in Kiev, after the US and Britain. Ukraine was the main core of scientific research of the Soviet Union, especially when it came to the space program. In 2002, Ukraine was already in fourth place in the world as regards the number of internationally certified programmers.

Home market

In Ukraine itself there is a huge market in itself while most programmer companies focus on their homeland. There are 45 million people and the demand for software is also increasing here. According to a consulting company, the Ukrainian software market in the next five years will grow by 30 to 35 percent annual growth. A key factor for this is the decline of piracy. Ukraine is one of Europe's largest distributors of illegal software.

The agreement and the referendum

The association agreement will help greatly in the legal field, in data storage and visas around international teams. There are many customers in the Netherlands who want to build a team of programmers. Who want what those places that guide their colleagues in Ukraine in the Netherlands. But then you're busy with the visa application. If Ukrainians have never been abroad will certainly over two weeks before they get a visa.

It takes a lot of bureaucracy to enter into an agreement with Dutch colleagues. The application lasts for days. For all parties, it is better to only have fewer rules if only for the time. For both countries, the agreement of association is a solution. IT = Future of Ukraine. Vote yes for the Dutch referendum.